Thursday, March 29, 2012


Actual Greek Mask
For a school assignment I had to make a Greek mask, give it a name, and characteristics. What better to do that trollface? I simply named my character "Trollencio." And I will be constructing him soon, he only has minor changes such as he has curly hair in the back and what not just to keep with Greek theme. (This will be made of construction paper so it's not going to be a high quality amazing thing something I'm going to do relatively fast.) I'll be posting more updates when I actually start on the construction which will be most likely Friday, Saturday, or maybe even Sunday. If you have any idea's they would be great, just comment below.


  1. Haha I want to see it, good luck

  2. Lol. Good luck on the project man, hope it goes well.

  3. i just want to know the reactions your going to sure to make a post about that lol