Thursday, March 29, 2012

Terraria =/= minecraft copy

Terraria is a game for PC that you can buy from either buy from HERE, or buy it on Steam. I'm sure most of you at least know what steam is. Most people refer to it as either a minecraft copy or a 2-D minecraft. While some aspects of that are true, I wouldn't even call it a copy.  Anyway, what you do is create a character and world. The character customization is decent. For the world you name it and select either Small, Medium, or Large. And then you start of with basic tools. (Pickaxe for digging and potentially hurting. Axe for Chopping wood and potentially hurting. and a Sword for only hurting. I feel like I'm forgetting one I can't remember.) And you have to make shelter. During daytime the only real enemy you'll be facing is slimes.

There are 4 special different area's in the world. Theres the Corrupt which takes medium skill to go into with decent gear. The hallow which in my opinion is harder than the corrupt. The Jungle which is harder than corrupt but not as hard as hallow. And the underworld which is the easiest in my opinion. There are two stages to the game, Normal then Hard basically. You start out in normal and after you defeat a boss in the underworld called the "wall of flesh" your world changes to hard. And boy do things get harder. Mobs get harder, there are new bosses to fight which are extremely hard. etc.

I have about 70 hours of gameplay in this game on steam. It's a good game and worth the $10 I think it is. I recommend trying it out.


Actual Greek Mask
For a school assignment I had to make a Greek mask, give it a name, and characteristics. What better to do that trollface? I simply named my character "Trollencio." And I will be constructing him soon, he only has minor changes such as he has curly hair in the back and what not just to keep with Greek theme. (This will be made of construction paper so it's not going to be a high quality amazing thing something I'm going to do relatively fast.) I'll be posting more updates when I actually start on the construction which will be most likely Friday, Saturday, or maybe even Sunday. If you have any idea's they would be great, just comment below.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

League Of Legends

So, I'm not sure if you're aware of the game "League Of Legends" or not. I for one think it is a great game and if you want to try it head over to the website. Basically what you do is either 5v5 or 3v3 and you have a "Nexus" and 3 lanes, you have to fight enemies to stop them from getting to your Nexus but at the same time push in their lanes to destroy their Nexus. It is free which is great. But there is of course that option to pay. Not for a subscription or anything but to pay for microtransactions. Where they give you a currency called "Riot Points" or "RP" and with this you can buy champions to play in the game. Some of you might think "Wow so they do this so they get money and people just buy power." Well not exactly, for playing games you get a different kind of currency called "Influence Points" "IP" and what this allows you to do is save up to buy champions that you want. (RP is obviously the faster way to do it.) You get about 100 IP a game and a Tier 1 champion cost 6300 IP. You can buy 1380 RP for $10, and a Tier 1 champion costs 900and some odd RP. Also available for RP only are skins for the characters, which are essentially costumes. This game also allows a lot of youtubers to put their "creatism"out there and make quality (or maybe not so much) content. For one example there is a youtuber by the name of "Videogamedunkey and he's just hilarious. Check out an example of his videos up a bit more.

Guild Wars 2

I'm not sure how many of you have heard about Guild Wars 2. If not just head over to The website. And check it out. It is completely re-doing the old and stale MMO look. I think it's going to be fantastic. And on April 10th you can actually pre-purchase and pre-order. I am awaiting that day like no other. Please tell me what you think about Guild Wars 2.


Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

This might just sound like a sentence of gibberish but in the English language it is a grammatically correct sentence.  Because you get the world Buffalo meaning the animal, buffalo which means to bully or pick on, and Buffalo which is a city. Quite interested Link next if you want to read about it.